Fire crews struggle to reach collision due to drivers still using closed lanes on M3 motorway

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Fire crews from Yateley have described drivers using a closed lane on the M3 unbelievable and made progress difficult.
On Sunday at 5.58pm Yateley fire crews were called to attend a  seven-vehicle collision on the M3 along with crews from neighbouring Surrey.
“While en-route to the incident the number of cars still travelling in the closed lane was unbelievable and made progress difficult.
Luckily the first crew in attendance confirmed no persons trapped.
It’s illegal to drive in a lane closed by a Red Cross markings. If you’re caught, you could receive a fixed penalty of up to £100 and three points, and in some cases more severe penalties or a court appearance.
Please think and obey the signs as they are there for a reason – people driving in these lanes also prevent emergency services from getting to the incident, a few minutes can be critical in giving emergency care!”