Mum issues Plea after Sick Thief Steals from Daughters Grave

A Havant mum has issued a plea for the returned of stolen items from her late daughters grave.
The distressed woman who we aren’t naming takes up the story : Someone keeps stealing things from my daughter’s grave at Warblington Cemetery.
My daughter was 37 hours old when she died after being born with CDH. The only thing we can do for our beautiful baby girl is keep her grave looking as nice as possible.
Finding things have been stolen continuously is deeply upsetting.

It isn’t about the items, it’s about you touching my innocent baby! I
f you read this and you have taken a total of 9 plaques and ornaments from a babies grave do the right thing and return them.
You will be caught eventually and I will make sure everyone knows what a scumbag you are.
If anyone has any information please come forward or contact Hampshire Police on 101