Coach Crashes into Traffic Lights in Sandown to Avoid Cyclist

coach crashes into traffic lights in sandown to avoid cyclist

A Coach this afternoon has crashed into a set of traffic lights in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

The coach that was  empty  at the time of the incident had just  dropped off  at a local hotel in Sandown. After leaving  Royal Street the coach attempted to turn into the Broadway near the Heights leisure centre just after 4.20pm this afternoon.

Officers from Hampshire Police are currently at the scene carrying out  traffic control as the damaged set of lights has tripped out the remaining.  there are  short  delays  within the area. There are also other safety issues of glass on the road that has to be addressed.


The Coach owned and operated by Davey Travel claim that the driver had to pull wide to avoid hitting a  cyclist.  Other bystanders in the area  who witnessed the incident unfolding   claim the standard  of driving was very poor. They  claim that the driver came along Grafton Street, Sandown and attempted to turn left into Leed street. After several attempts, couldn’t manoeuvre so reversed  back into Grafton Street.  One claimed that they thought he has got  his license in a raffle!!!

Andrea Wade said” He took the wrong lane coming up from Sandown town and tried to turn right and took the light out with him , it was his mistake no one else’s , I saw it all happen”