Car fractures gas pipe on Union Road in Ryde

A number of properties have been evacuated  on Union Road in Ryde on the Isle of Wight  this morning after a  car  hit a  gas pipe.

One Fire Crew from Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue stationed at Ryde are attending the scene.

A safety cordon has been put in place and local diversion have been put in place to traffic.

Gas can be smelt in the Air .  It is believed  that a car has hit  the Gas main and then dove off.

A  trail of oil from the vehicle has been has been spilt on the carriageway through the streets of Ryde including George Street, Castle Street and East Hill Road.  Police have   made a  further  request for a road closure at Betty Horne Lane in Ryde

Resident on the road have self evacuated themselves before the arrival of the fire service just after 3am this morning. Police are evacuating further properties in  the road.

No one has been injured in the incident.
Police are evacuating further properties in the road.