No night shelter on the Isle of Wight and nowhere for the homeless to go

no night shelter on the isle of wight and nowhere for the homeless to go

A night shelter for homeless people that has  been operated in Newport  has closed despite temperatures  on  some night below Zero.

From 8am there are approximately 20 individuals sleeping rough and destitute on or around Newport , and as someone said to me last night ” if they were pets left out overnight the RSPCA could take action for cruelty ” ! ..
Owner of the Pop Up Soup Kitchen said :” I can’t believe there’s no where to go and that The Pop Up Soup Kitchen is only one of a handful voluntary organisations that can care for them ! And that as far as an Official Bodies they are Abandoned and Completely Destitute.  

Not one Councilor has come forward to help or endorse me.”  ” I noticed walking past ones garden, that there protecting there Plants against the Frost … !”

But it’s Business as normal for the organisations They went to the night shelter and gave every  the Pop Up Soup kitchens telephone number on a card , making  a promise to feed them all and  they will  keep it.