Improvements to Waste Collections on the Isle Of Wight

improvements to waste collections on the isle of wight

Improvements to waste collections on the Isle of Wight, designed to increase recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill, are due to be introduced from 2 May.

As part of the council’s new waste contract with Amey, properties have been allocated and will receive the following:

∙ For recycling collections – Either a green wheeled bin (you will retain your existing bin if you already have one) or a green gull-proof sack. For the green wheeled bin you will also receive a black insert box for paper/card waste. If you are allocated a green gull-proof sack you will also receive an additional blue reusable sack for your paper/card waste.

∙ For rubbish (non-recyclable) collections – Either a black wheeled bin or a black gull-proof sack. You will place your rubbish in bin liners inside your black wheeled bin or black gull-proof sack. Rubbish (non-recyclable) left in sacks at the kerbside separately will not be collected.

Amey recently completed a full survey of every property on the Island to decide which would be suitable for wheeled bins and which would be suitable for gull-proof sacks – depending on the space or access available outside.

Residents will be sent an information booklet by 4 April indicating if their property has been allocated either wheeled bins or gull-proof sacks.

The public is asked not to contact the council until they receive their information booklet confirming their allocation.

The survey, carried out by Amey, has found that many properties that currently use loose sacks are suitable for wheeled bins.

The new wheeled bins or gull-proof sacks will be delivered, as appropriate, to all 71,000 Isle of Wight homes between 30 March and the early part of May, and according to a set schedule following booklet delivery.

Homeowners should place their new wheeled bins or gull-proof sacks out for collection on their allocated collection day from 2 May onwards.

The information booklet contains details of the new arrangements, including an annual collection calendar specific to each property, and an updated list of what can and cannot be recycled. It will be delivered to every household by the Royal Mail between 21 March and 4 April and residents are advised to look out for their booklet, and then keep it to refer to.

Paul Southall, account director for Amey, said: “The new arrangements will make it easier for people at home to separate waste and recycling, which in turn helps us increase recycling rates. Simple measures, like separating paper and card, make a huge difference.

“The introduction of the black wheeled bins – as well as the gull-proof sacks for those without room for a bin – will also help improve the cleanliness across the Island as bags left out are often ripped open by animals, which spreads waste. The wheeled bins and gull-proof sacks will cut this down significantly.”

Isle of Wight Council member for environmental sustainability, Councillor Paul Fuller, said: “These changes, in partnership with Amey, will play a significant role in improving recycling on the Island and reducing the amount we send to landfill – as well as improving our local environment through the better containment of household waste.

“As with any changes there will be a period of bedding in as people get used to the new arrangements – and the council and Amey will be doing all we can to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible for Island residents.

​“Let us all play our part in endeavouring to place the Isle of Wight at the very forefront of recycling in the UK.”

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