A Paint Job The Size Of The Forth Bridge At Smallbrook Warrior Stadium

a paint job the size of the forth bridge at smallbrook warrior stadium

Team Warrior stalwart Stu Clelland  49 has completed what must have seemed like a “Paint the Forth Bridge” sized task when he volunteered to paint the main stand at Smallbrook. Portsmouth based Stu  , has been an ever-present at the Team Warrior working party weekends since the first one back in October finished his latest task on Sunday to ensure it was ready on time for the season start. The team was so impressed with Stu’s efforts that they have already named his favourite seat in the grandstand so that he can view both the speedway and the stand all the time. 

Stu said, “After Team Warrior refurbished and painted out the back of the pits we decided it would be a good idea to refresh the sponsors seating in the stand. Of course, that area was then transformed so Kev Shepherd, my son Jack and I decided to try to complete the whole thing and it became a real labour of love for me to get it finished and looking just right for the start of the season. The team spirit we have at the Team Warrior weekends are great and I recommend them to any would be Warrior fan.”