Police launch probe after Newport woman slashed across the face

police launch probe after newport woman slashed across the face

Officers on the Isle of Wight have launched a probe after a woman was subjected to a vicious attack on a Newport Street in the early hours on Sunday morning.

Police have yet to confirm the full details. We can exclusively reveal that the woman was slashed across the face in the attack in the centre of Newport.

The woman was assaulted by another woman in the High Street, outside British Home Stores as she was walking home from a night out on Saturday evening. Police on the Isle of Wight have confirmed that they have launched a probe into the attack but haven’t gone into great detail.

A close friend of the woman said that she was taken to St Mary’s Hospital with serious facial injuries in early the hours of Sunday morning, after the fight broke out and her friend was slashed across the face with a broken glass bottle.

It is understood that the group moved to the side of the pavement so that the woman and her friends could pass. One person said “I think my friend thought she was punched in the temple but was actually slashed, her friend turned around and the person was already running in the opposite direction. At that point her friend put her hand up to her face and could feel all the blood running down. It was complete disbelief when it happened and to see the amount of blood coming out was quite scary.”