Hover Travel say Help Us to Help Others’ during Lockdown 2

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Hovertravel are planning to maintain a service throughout this lockdown, but we need your help. If you are not going to be travelling over the next four weeks, please notify their staff or email info@hovertravel.com and  they will temporarily remove your preferred bookings so that those who need to travel can book.  Your preferred times will be reinstated from 2nd December, ready for you to start travelling again.

We can also freeze your travel card and extend it by the period you do not travel, with our Hover Flexibility scheme – find out more

Please keep us informed of your travel plans so we can keep flying the people who really need to travel.

Travel during lockdown

This lockdown is different in that the Government is asking people to travel to schools, universities and for medical appointments with hospitals on both sides of the Solent asking us to emphasise that people should travel for their booked hospital visits.

Other reasons for travel include: (a full updated list can be found here)

  • travelling for work(where not possible to work from home),
  • travelling for childcare, education,
  • to care for a vulnerable person,
  • to attend a funeral,
  • to escape injury or harm,
  • to visit someone in your support bubble

Please consider whether your travel is allowed by the Government regulations and act accordingly which means you must not travel for shopping, exercise or a day trip.

Hovertravel will continue to provide a safe and speedy operation for those who should be travelling across the Solent. If you should not travel, please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again after lockdown. And for those who need to travel with us, please Hover Responsibly, Be Kind and Stay Safe.