Beryl will be providing free journeys to NHS staff in Newport as their e-Scooters arrive on the Isle of Wight ahead of their 12-month trial in partnership with Isle of Wight Council, Solent Transport and the Department for Transport

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Key workers looking to take essential journeys in an enjoyable and sustainable way will be able to do so by downloading the free Beryl App, and signing up with their NHS email address and inputting details of their UK driving licence. The first 15 minutes of each trip will be completely free of charge and funded by Beryl.

From today (Thursday), 25 Beryl e-Scooters will be available to hire and drop off at marked Beryl Bays in Newport, with an additional 125 e-Scooters to be added to the scheme in the coming weeks. This measured rollout will allow Beryl and the Isle of Wight Council to be informed by journey data and smoothly adjust the scheme in line with the community’s needs.

The Beryl e-Scooter scheme has launched in Newport to best support the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, but will soon expand to include Ryde and Cowes. Beryl’s scheme will be available to the wider public, but residents are encouraged to only use the e-Scooters for essential journeys; in line with government regulations.

To begin a trip with a Beryl e-Scooter, users follow the simple in-App directions that will unlock the vehicle for use. At the end of their ride, users must lock the scooter via the app and will hear a chime from the scooter to register that it is locked. Beryl e-Scooter’s available to hire are visible both on street and in the app, with Beryl Bays and the Isle of Wight’s operating zone also shown in app.

Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure for Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Solent Transport Joint Committee, said:

“This is an excellent project and a welcome addition to the promotion of sustainable travel on the Isle of Wight.

“Key workers are essential to keeping the Island running at this challenging time, and this scheme will support NHS staff for which e-Scooters can form part of their travel plans.

“Many people are worried about using public transport and may want to avoid driving for environmental or cost reasons. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to give scootering a go!”

Beryl CEO Philip Ellis said:

“We are thrilled to be introducing the Beryl e-Scooter to the Isle of Wight and to be the first scheme operating in the South East of the UK. We have shown, through our existing micromobility schemes across the UK, that Beryl’s hybrid operating model can bring great benefits to communities through flexible, smart and sustainable travel solutions.”

“The Isle of Wight Council and Solent Transport support our vision that e-Scooters can be a viable transport option that positively impacts the entire community. We are excited to see the major benefits that these e-Scooter trials can bring to the Isle of Wight, from cleaner air to reduced congestion and crucially getting people moving again safely post-lockdown.”

The Beryl e-Scooter will be available to hire through 2 payment choices of Pay-As-You-Ride (£1.50 unlock fee + 10p per minute) or Minute Bundles (£1.50 unlock fee and bundles priced at 5 p per minute; 100 minutes for £5, 200 minutes for £10, 300 minutes for £15). Users that park a hired e-Scooter outside of a Beryl Bay will be charged a £10 convenience fee, while users that lock a Beryl e-Scooter outside of the Isle of Wight’s operating zone will be charged £25. This fee covers operational costs associated with returning vehicles back to a bay for another use to ride.