Top tips for your trip to the tip

The council is aware there has been some frustration recently visiting Lynnbottom household waste and recycling centre (HWRC).

The waste service would advise you to visit the site at quieter times such as between 3pm and 6pm to save time on your tip trip. The recycling centre does not open until 10am, so please do not queue in the carriageway before this time as it causes delays further down the road.

“We truly appreciate the frustration that some residents have felt at the moment, as the Easter holidays – historically the busiest two weeks at the recycling centres, alongside Christmas – and the big spring clean and gardening seasons have come in to full swing at the same time,” said Councillor Michael Murwill, Cabinet member for waste management.

“It is also important to remember there are currently a number of essential emergency and ongoing roadworks being undertaken across the Island that will mean traffic is sometimes diverted through the central routes such as the Arreton, Downend, Briddlesford areas, increasing traffic levels so I would ask others to please show consideration for other road users.”

• Think before you throw as some items you are disposing of could go to a charity shop or be reused.
• Did you know the council offers a free reuse collection service for white goods and furniture in a good condition? Visit:
• There is also a paid for bulky waste collection service for unreusable large white goods and furniture.
• Garden waste can be composted at home for free or the council offers a fortnightly kerbside garden waste service for just £60 per year (£1.15 per week) – saving you time and tip trips.
• Visit to check out traffic in the area before you leave.

Lynnbottom household waste recycling centre is open between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Sunday.

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