Almost 9,500 signatures to save great school on the Isle of Wight

almost 9500 signatures to save great school on the isle of wight

The Department for Education Ministers have made an in-principle decision to close the Isle Of Wight Studio School.
The school and pupils need to prevent this from happening as this is an amazing school with so many opportunities for children on the Isle Of Wight and if this school were to be closed, it would have a detrimental effect to children on the Island.
Please share and sign as 10,000 signatures are needed the end of Sunday and it needs to be double in the coming weeks.
This is truly a great small school with a big future. All it needs is a chance to mature and grow. It’s not in financial difficulty, nor has it failed in any way. It simply needs a new sponsor and time to grow and change. It’s great to see local businesses and personalities supporting and every signature helps and counts. Please sign the petition