18th Birthday Party Sparks Fire alert at the Fishbourne Inn in Ryde

An 18th Birthday party at The Fishbourne Inn in Ryde got few more unexpected and uninvited guest when the candles of his cake set off the fire alarm system on Bank Holiday Monday. A fire crews from Newport was sent to the automatic fire.

Grandmother from Newport Shirley Ralph had arranged a party at the popular watering hole on the island takes up the story: The alarm was set off by the special sparkler candles on my grandson’s birthday cake she told UKNIP. The whole family felt so embarrassed as the firefighters burst in, the Inn was packed inside and out.

Once the fire crew had found out there was a no fire they took it their stride. The fire fighter took it all in good humour. We were so apologetic though. Some lovely photographs were taken of my grandson in one of firefighter’s helmet. David won’t forget his 18th Birthday in a hurry.