Isle of Wight Ford Take Over Promise it’s about Cars and Not Anti Social Yobs

isle of wight ford take over promise its about cars and not anti social yobs

The Isle of Wight Ford take over car show is being held this weekend. There are lots of cars coming over for the weekend and the show is being held at Beaper Shute camp site. Entry for the cars is Sunday morning up to 9.30a, So traffic will be heavy.
Organisers say that those attending are car enthusiasts not yobs. Some people have come over in the past not connected to the event and give us a bad name. Events over the weekend include :A Rev off Competition Recon you’ve got the loudest Ford going? (May be keep the windows closed if you live near by).For just £3 you can join the Rev battle where we will be judging who’s the loudest by two at a time.The winner will stay on to take on the next contender and the overall winner will get a very naughty prize.

Here a timetable of the event:

Field 1

6.00 – Ford Mania
6.20 – EFM + IOWFOC
6.40 – Nuts4Fords + Simply Mustang
7.00 – Blue Oval Project + #TicTacs
7.20 – FMD + KMF + STOC
7.45 – Hampshire ST’s + The Ford Bible

Field 2

8.00 – Midlands STOC
8.15 – Rolling Oval + Ford RST
8.30 – *All clubs under 5*
8.45 – Ford Owners Club + Bedford RSOC
9.00 – Ford Group UK + Ford Puma Owners
9.15 – Ford The Only Way + Performance Blue OC
9.30 – MMK4OC + ST220 Enthusiasts + Diesel ST Owners

Field 3 / Ford General Parking

9.45 – No stand
10.00 – Open to public

* East of England Fords
Ford Tec
Ford UK
Ford OC
IOW Classic Ford
Midlands Retro Fords
Mondeo OC
RS Ford Focus
South West Ovals
ST170 Owners
ST200 Owners International
Ford Enthusiasts
Focus STOC
Focus RSOC
Focus OC
Ed + Karen’s Capri Club
Fiesta Red & Black edition OC

All cars must be parked and non stationary by 8.00am, any late comers must wait till field 2 & 3 are parked up before they can be marshalled on. Anyone on a club stand that arrives after 9am with be placed in Ford general parking, this is for insurance purposes.