Compare who helped after Marquee collapses says Thank you for kind words

I wanted to thank the person whoever it was who praised me for my actions. I did what any trained host should do and that’s to clear the area and make sure anyone who may have been hurt got the relevant treatment. My experience in event hosting / compering meant it was a natural reaction. I dived into red alert but in all seriousness I just did what I had to do to make sure my audience was safe and that they’d continue to have fun after the incident. In terms of how it was handled, the staff were incredible they were at the scene quickly and we cleared the whole issue up within 15 minutes. The Isle of Wight pride team were incredible at ensuring we had the relevant support quickly but additional credit to the Security team who supported. We were lucky at the little impact it it had on those enjoying their time at the community stage and it looked like after we moved the third parties tent that the injuries you called out had been dealt with quickly with nothing major or worrying to call out. Thanks to the community of people who helped clear the area so that the show could go on.  The community stage is so important as marks the amazing talent that the island has but it also means yet again that everyone who wants to be involved has a platform to share their talent and be who they want to be. Inclusion and diversity through an through, much love, Stephen Ireland