Warwick Davies Leaves Angelina Jolie to meet scouts on the Isle of Wight

warwick davies leaves angelina jolie to meet scouts on the isle of wight

Warwick Davis flew in from filming in the States with Angelina Jolie to meet scouts on the Isle of Wight, in his role as Scout Ambassador.

The Harry Potter actor and presenter of Tenable is currently filming the Maleficent sequel, Mistress of Evil, but took time in his busy schedule to meet with 66 scouts chosen from each of the 23 scout troupes on the Isle of Wight.

Warwick was invited to the Isle of Wight by Lady Grylls, the mother of adventurer Bear, and came to the Hovertravel terminal to meet the scouts, and to go on board a hovercraft to learn how they work – part of the scout’s Air Activities – Flight Badge.

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It was during filming Warwick’s ‘Bear’s Mission’ for ITV last year that the subject of scouting first arose, and Warwick spoke of how much he had enjoyed being a scout as a child. Chief Scout Bear then suggested that Warwick might like to become an ambassador for the organisation.
“It’s hard to say no when he’s dangling you a hundred feet in the air,” joked Warwick.

After an introductory chat with the scouts in the Hovercraft terminal in Ryde, Warwick posed for
photographs in front of a hovercraft with the scouts and guests and presented a bravery award to
scout Dylan Reeves.



Warwick and the scouts then had a talk from pilot Jock, toured the hovercraft on the landing apron and were able to look inside the engines, and take a turn in the cockpit.

Sadly a planned demo flight around the Solent had to be cancelled because of wind conditions.
Loretta Lale, head of commercial at Hovertravel, added:
“This special Scouts charter marks the start of our relationship with the Scouts Association. Today
(Saturday, April 27th, 2019) we are launching our discounted travel for all Scouts, Beavers and Cub
groups and offering their volunteers a discount too.  We are also proud to be able to say that
this charter helps the Scouts gain their Air Activities – Flight Badge.”