M2 Closed Coast-bound due to police incident near Maidstone

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Police and  Highways England have closed a section of the busy M2 Motorway in Kent this evening following a Police led incident involving a distressed person.

Emergency services were  called after a  number of concerned  drivers  called Police  just after 7.30pm on Saturday reporting the person in distressed.

The person went to the bridge with the intention of jumping off, but after two hours  after being spoken to specialist Police officers they  had decided against it

The person was seen on the other side of safety barrier on the Medway Bridge between Junction 2 and Junction 3 of the coast bound carriageway.

Traffic was held whilst officers spoke to the person in foul weather condition.

A lifeboat from the RNLI was also put on standby but didn’t launch to the incident.


Police removed the closure after the person agreed to go with officers just after 9.10pm


Traffic is still very heavy in the area and on approach.