Police protection team play secret Santa gto vulnerable children

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Police protection team play secret Santa gto vulnerable children
Officers and staff in Kent’s Paedophile Online Investigation Team who work to protect young people from sexual predators have come up with a novel way to give back this Christmas.

When the annual conversation of secret Santa came about the team were keen to make it a more meaningful affair. They decided instead of buying for each other, they would buy a gift for a vulnerable child.

The team linked in with the Diagrama, a fostering and adoption agency, who were able to provide the ages and gender of a child in their care for a member of the team to buy for. Rather than pull a co-worker’s name out the hat, the team members used this information to buy an age appropriate gift.

On Wednesday, 18 December 2019 the gifts will be passed on to Diagrama for distribution to their young recipients.

Detective Inspector Heather Thompson of POLIT said: ‘The team have found a way to make this year’s office festivities meaningful.

‘The dedication and enthusiasm of the officers and staff in POLIT is apparent all year round, they deal with distressing content in order to protect young people and I feel this is a very fitting way to celebrate the festive season.’