Three new rapid transit routes announced by Reading Buses

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Reading Buses has announced they will be introducing new routes from the beginning of this month as part of a reimagining of the ‘Greenwave’ network.
The network serves the commuter and residential routes along the A33 in South Reading.
The plan, Reading Buses revealed today, is to make the corridor simpler for people to get where they want to go and follows Reading Borough Council’s announcement in July of the fifth phase of bus priority works to speed up journey times on the busy corridor.
Reading Buses announce that the new routes will be:
* ruby 10 between Kennet Island and Central Reading
* Greenwave 50 between Green Park and Central Reading
* park & ride 600 direct between Mereoak and Central Reading including journeys via Reading International Business Park and Tesco Depot at key times
All three routes will utilise buses powered by carbon-neutral bio-methane fuel with Greenwave 50 to gain fast boarding dual door double-deck vehicles during 2021 once the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on passenger numbers has subsided.
Said Robert Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Reading Buses: “Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the number of people travelling.
“Greenwave has been one of our fastest-growing services thanks to a partnership with Reading Borough Council, Green Park and Reading International Business Park dating back to 2011.
“With the partnership due for renewal this November we were planning to take the current greenway network of routes to the next level with these three new frequent services offering more capacity and simplified fares to support further growth.
“We now want to use this opportunity to support the rebirth of travel post-Covid in the most attractive and sustainable way possible – by bus.
“The change will now be more gradual, but no less exciting with the Greenwave service being more like a tram than a bus.”
All three routes will benefit from the bus priority measures along the A33 and will be introduced on November 9.
The fares on these services will become part of the simple reading family with any current period or carnet-type products being honoured for six months after the new routes begin.
This, says the company, should ensure that everyone has a chance to use existing products before moving over to simply reading alternatives.