The daughter of a man who has been missing for a year said it had been like living in “a bad dream” as she pleaded for information on the anniversary of his disappearance

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Richard Dyson, 56, from Barnsley, was last seen walking along a road in Hoyland on 17 November last year.
Bethany Dainty said her father’s disappearance had made the past 12 months the toughest of her life.
South Yorkshire Police said their investigation was still active.
Ms Dainty, 20, said it had been a nightmare not knowing where her father had been and made a plea for help finding him.
“Waking up every day not knowing what has happened to dad is like a bad dream that I can’t get away from,” she said
“All I want to know is what happened. I am certain somebody, or maybe even more than one person knows something that will help.”
‘Please get in touch’
Ms Dainty last saw her dad when he dropped her off in Aston, Rotherham, on 15 November last year.
He was reported missing by her 10 days later.
“I ask you directly, and from the bottom of my heart, please, please get in touch and tell somebody what you know,” she added.
“I don’t deserve to live like this, I just need some answers.”
Mr Dyson was seen walking along the A6135 Sheffield Road, Hoyland, near Parkside Farm.
Det Insp Neil Coop said Mr Dyson was known to spend time in Elsecar and Hoyland and officers wanted to trace his movements before he went missing.
“It doesn’t matter how minor you think your contribution may be, we really do want to hear from you,” he said.