Have you seen 14-year-old Hamza Sulaiman?

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Police  are still appealing to locate Hamza, from link" href="[0]=AZUef5GtXfGY06uh8PpujDJ9RcvWJuO5peMpX6wznpZrtkr5OOXjABujurfOD9I5A5_ab3WARIaHbcqaqnuXdB1Vcae6tQ8mjU9CErlL_zBneV7OF7IK2s4i6frzJNlRHnxW-dJqih0G6mKzKr9WMTf-VsByH8N5VboWLS8bIDBw3a7SYmNnHYLwTujNb8TOgAmm_Jfr5o05JamQDznYQ1fp2o5wjXiLQ4SnBM78S8Ubc4PcHyXYyTW77-B1f3X3xYbiqr3nM8YcT6DGxiDv4VKx&__tn__=*NK-R">#Kingstanding, after he was last seen leaving school at 3pm on Thursday 24 October. He didn’t return home and his family have not seen or heard from him since.
He was last seen wearing a kameez, a traditional long white shirt, with a black puffer jacket over the top. His hair has been cut short since this photo was taken.
Hamza has not gone missing before and his family are worried about his well-being; they want to know he’s OK.
If you know where he is, or believe you’ve seen him, please call 101 and ask to speak to the  Locate Team