Apple Expands Apple Vision Pro to New Countries and Regions, Introducing Spatial Computing Magic

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Apple Expands Apple Vision Pro to New Countries and Regions, Introducing Spatial Computing Magic

Apple Inc. has announced the global expansion of its groundbreaking product, Apple Vision Pro, bringing spatial computing to more customers around the world. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed excitement about introducing the “magic” of spatial experiences to users in various countries and regions.

Apple Expands Apple Vision Pro To New Countries And Regions, Introducing Spatial Computing Magic

Seamless Integration of Digital and Physical Worlds

Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, transforming the way people work, collaborate, connect, and relive memories. Whether it’s collaborating on an infinite canvas for apps, immersing oneself in three-dimensional memories, or enjoying a personalised cinematic experience, Vision Pro aims to redefine how users interact with technology.

Key Features of Apple Vision Pro

  1. visionOS: The operating system behind Apple Vision Pro, visionOS, is a revolutionary platform that leverages decades of engineering and design innovation from iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. It provides an intuitive spatial user interface and a magical input system that users navigate using their eyes, hands, and voice.
  2. Natural Interaction: Users can interact with apps simply by looking at them and tapping their fingers together. Additionally, they can dictate text, use a virtual keyboard, and rely on Siri for various tasks.
  3. Infinite Canvas: Vision Pro liberates apps from the confines of physical displays. Apps can appear side by side at any scale, creating the ultimate workspace for productivity, collaboration, and entertainment.
  4. Immersive Environments: Stunning dynamic landscapes, including Haleakalā, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and even the moon, help users focus and reduce visual clutter while enjoying immersive experiences.

Upcoming Enhancements with visionOS 2

Apple also announced visionOS 2, a free software update scheduled for release this autumn. Here are some of the features it will bring to Apple Vision Pro users:

  • 3D Memories: Transform your photos into three-dimensional memories, adding depth and richness to your visual experiences.
  • Intuitive Hand Gestures: Easily access the Home View and important information using natural hand movements.
  • Mac Virtual Display: Extend your workspace across multiple devices seamlessly.
  • Travel Mode: Optimise Vision Pro for on-the-go use, adjusting settings for different environments.
  • Guest User: Share your Vision Pro experience with others without compromising your personal settings.
  • Enhancements to Mindfulness, Safari, and Apple TV: Enjoy improved features across various apps and services.

Apple Vision Pro is set to revolutionise how we interact with technology, making spatial computing accessible to users worldwide. Pre-orders begin this Thursday, June 13, in select countries, with availability starting Friday, June 28. Whether you’re in China, Japan, the United Kingdom, or beyond, get ready to experience the magic of Apple Vision Pro.


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