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3 weeks ago

Barton House Evacuation Raises Concerns for Residents

barton house evacuation

Residents of Barton House, a Bristol tower block, are facing an extended displacement of “two to three weeks” amid safety fears, following a mandatory evacuation of all 400 tenants last Tuesday.

The evacuation was prompted by concerns over incorrectly fitted concrete, posing potential risks to the building’s structural integrity, as revealed in a report by a structural engineer.

Bristol City Council, the building’s owner, acknowledged the challenges faced by families, as they are forced to stay in temporary accommodation or with relatives due to the “complex and intrusive” surveys required before residents can return.

In a statement released on Sunday night, Bristol City Council assures residents of daily updates, emphasising the ongoing efforts to identify more suitable temporary accommodation.

The council addressed additional concerns raised by residents, including access to food, laundry services, and the well-being of pets, promising to remain in “constant contact” to find solutions.

Mayor Marvin Rees suggests that it will be two weeks before any news about the long-term future of Barton House is available, adding a layer of uncertainty for the affected residents.

Bristol City Council notes that Barton House was constructed differently from other tower blocks in the city, providing context to the specific issues encountered and expressing confidence that the problem is not expected to be widespread.

The evacuation decision was based on a report presented by a structural engineer to Kye Dudd, cabinet member for housing, services, and energy, highlighting that the building would be vulnerable to high impact, fire, or explosion.