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3 weeks ago

Bexleyheath Carer Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter of Dementia-Suffering Mother


In a tragic and complex case, Kevin Pearce, a 59-year-old full-time carer from Bexleyheath, has admitted to smothering his 89-year-old mother, Eileen Pearce, who suffered from dementia. The incident took place at their shared home in Bexleyheath on June 5, 2021.

Confession and Legal Proceedings: Pearce initially admitted to causing his mother’s death immediately after the incident but later claimed to have no memory of the act. He had been charged with murder and was due to face trial at the Old Bailey in January. However, in a recent hearing on Friday, Pearce pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, following the completion of psychiatric evaluations.

Prosecutor’s Statement: Prosecutor Michelle Nelson KC, upon reviewing the circumstances and considering the psychiatric reports, stated, “In the circumstances and a review, the CPS think it’s appropriate to accept the plea.”

Defence and Conditional Bail: Defence barrister Katy Thorne KC requested that Pearce continue to receive conditional bail. She highlighted his understanding of the gravity of his actions and his compliance with bail conditions: “He has always understood he has been in jeopardy of at least a manslaughter conviction and in those circumstances, he has not breached his bail.”

Sentencing and Review Hearing: Judge Judy Khan KC granted Pearce conditional bail and adjourned the sentencing until February 16, with a review hearing set for January 15.

The Case’s Complexity: The case underscores the complexities involved in caring for relatives with debilitating conditions like dementia. It also highlights the mental health challenges and pressures faced by caregivers, especially those caring for family members.

Community Reaction: The incident has resonated deeply within the Bexleyheath community, sparking discussions about the support available for carers and the challenges they face. The case also raises questions about the mental health services and resources needed to prevent such tragedies.

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