Community Rallies After Devastating Fire in Gosport: Call for Donations

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Community Rallies After Devastating Fire in Gosport: Call for Donations

Last night, a devastating fire broke out on Hill Park Road in Gosport, affecting seven homes and leaving numerous families, including that of local resident Amy, without their belongings. As the community grapples with the aftermath, a heartfelt plea for help has been made by Jenna, a close friend of one of the affected families.

A Personal Plea for Help

Jenna, whose best friend Amy’s house was the starting point of the blaze, has issued a touching appeal to the community for support.

Those who wish to help can go to :

Hi, my name is Jenna, and my best friend Amy’s house burned down last night. There were 6 other houses burned too, and I am sending my thoughts and strength to those families too. My friend Amy’s house was where the fire started, and thank goodness they all managed to get out and were safe. But everything they own has gone. Clothes, furniture, the children’s toys, shoes. The list goes on,” Jenna shared.

Call for Donations

In her appeal, Jenna emphasizes the immediate needs of the displaced families. “I am therefore asking for you to donate, even if it’s a tiny amount. If we all pitch in, it might ease the devastation slightly so they can at least buy clothes and food at this terrible time. I can’t imagine how they must feel. Thank you in advance for any help.”

The Extent of the Damage

The fire, which broke out around 9:40 PM on Hill Park Road, originated in Amy’s three-storey home and quickly spread to six neighbouring properties. Emergency services, including police, fire and rescue, and ambulance crews, responded promptly to the scene. Two people were injured and treated at the site, but fortunately, no further medical attention was needed.

Community Response

The community has been quick to respond, with local authorities and organizations mobilizing to provide temporary shelter and support for the affected families. Jenna’s plea for donations is part of a broader effort to rally support and resources for those who have lost everything in the fire.

How to Help

Donations of any amount can make a significant difference for the families affected by this tragedy. Those willing to contribute can do so by contacting local support organizations or directly reaching out to Jenna through community channels.


As the investigation into the cause of the fire continues, the immediate focus remains on supporting the displaced families and helping them rebuild their lives. Jenna’s heartfelt plea serves as a reminder of the power of community solidarity in times of crisis.

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