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3 weeks ago

Critical Condition After Dog Attack in Belvedere, Dog Dead Following Police Intervention

A serious incident unfolded this morning in Bedwell Road, Belvedere, where a woman was attacked by a dog inside a residential property. The attack has left her in a critical condition, with the dog involved in the incident now dead following police intervention.

Emergency Response and Victim’s Condition: Police were called to the scene at approximately 08:55hrs on Monday, 20 November, following reports of the attack. Officers, alongside the London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance, promptly attended to the emergency.

dog attack

The victim, whose details have not been disclosed, was rushed to the hospital and remains there in critical condition.

Additional Injuries and Response: A man, who reportedly tried to intervene during the attack, also sustained minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The dog, which was involved in the attack, sustained injuries and was later secured by the police using a Taser. The dog was confined to a separate room but subsequently died from its injuries.

Neighbour’s Statement and Dog’s Breed: A neighbour at the scene commented that the dog was not an XL Bully, a breed known for its size and strength. The exact breed of the dog involved in the attack has not been confirmed.

Police Statement: In their statement, police confirmed that the dog received injuries during the attack and that a Taser was discharged by officers to secure it. They announced the dog’s subsequent death without providing further details on the nature of the confrontation or the sequence of events leading to it.

Ongoing Investigation: The incident has triggered a response from local authorities, and an investigation is likely underway to determine the full circumstances of the attack. Questions about the dog’s behavior, its ownership, and how it came to attack the woman will be central to the investigation.

Community Shock and Concerns: This incident has raised concerns in the Belvedere community about pet safety and responsible ownership, especially regarding potentially dangerous breeds. It also highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in handling aggressive animal situations.

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