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Delivery Rider Spotted Cycling on M25 Sparks Safety Concerns

A startling video has emerged capturing the moment a delivery rider was filmed cycling on the M25, one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

The footage, shared on TikTok on May 12, shows a cyclist with a Deliveroo bag navigating along the motorway’s hard shoulder. With more than 1.1 million views, the 11-second clip is captioned: “Got to love the M25.”

In the video, motorists are seen slowing down from the usual 70mph to 40mph as they pass the cyclist, who appears undeterred by the high-speed traffic.

A flashing sign above the motorway warns drivers of the presence of a cyclist, adding to the shock and concern sparked by the risky behaviour.

Delivery Rider Spotted Cycling On M25 Sparks Safety Concerns
Viral Tiktok Video Of Cyclist With Deliveroo Bag On M25

Though it is assumed that the cyclist was delivering for Deliveroo due to the distinctive bright turquoise bag, a spokesperson for Deliveroo has clarified that the individual in question does not work for the delivery service.

Commenters on the video expressed their shock and concern, with one remarking on the dangerous nature of the cyclist’s actions, while another expressed relief that no one was injured as a result.

However, amidst the panic, some took a more lighthearted approach, joking about the unconventional delivery route and speculating on the rider’s potential tip for the daring feat.

Deliveroo issued a statement addressing the incident, emphasizing their commitment to rider and community safety. The company confirmed that the individual involved was not affiliated with Deliveroo and reiterated their stringent safety measures for riders, including road safety guidance during the onboarding process and adherence to the Highway Code.

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