“Doctor Who” Season One Episode “Rogue”: A Mysterious Encounter in 1813

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“Doctor Who” Season One Episode “Rogue”: A Mysterious Encounter in 1813

In a thrilling twist, the Doctor and Ruby find themselves transported to 1813, where they attend a lavish party hosted by the Duchess. However, the festivities take a dark turn when guests begin to be murdered. Enter Rogue, a mysterious alien bounty hunter, who is about to change the Doctor’s life forever.

Here Jonathan Groff, who portrays the enigmatic Rogue, discusses his role and experiences on set.

How did the role of Rogue come about?

Jonathan Groff: “Oh my god! I received a very exciting text message from Russell T Davies, and I’m a huge fan of his work, especially ‘It’s A Sin’ – I still haven’t recovered from it! So, I was thrilled to hear from him. He simply wrote to me and offered me the role on the show.”

“doctor Who” Season One Episode “rogue”: A Mysterious Encounter In 1813

Describe your character, Rogue.

Jonathan Groff: “Rogue is an alien bounty hunter and a man of mystery. When we first meet him, he and the Doctor cross paths in the Regency Era. But Rogue isn’t necessarily who he appears to be.”

Were you familiar with “Doctor Who” before this role?

Jonathan Groff: “I had heard of ‘Doctor Who’ and knew it was a big deal in the UK, but I had never actually seen an episode. Russell sent me about five episodes from different eras, including the very first black-and-white episode. It was a crash course before diving into the Whoniverse.”

What was the most challenging aspect of playing Rogue?

Jonathan Groff: “The biggest challenge was capturing the show’s unique tone. ‘Doctor Who’ is larger than life, yet it has depth and real relationships. As a guest star, I had to quickly understand and fit into that world.”

Acting alongside Ncuti Gatwa and Millie, what was that experience like?

Jonathan Groff: “Ncuti and Millie were incredibly warm and welcoming. They made me feel at home in the Whoniverse. Ncuti, in particular, is an exciting actor – spontaneous, deeply connected, and full of positivity.”

“doctor Who” Season One Episode “rogue”: A Mysterious Encounter In 1813

!Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor and Jonathan Groff as Rogue

Any unique memories from filming?

Jonathan Groff: “Off set, I attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour in Cardiff. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, so I made sure I was off by 4 pm to catch the show. I even brought Ncuti along – it was amazing!”

If you could time-travel anywhere, where would you go?

Jonathan Groff: “Less of a fantasy answer: I’d go back to my 10th birthday in 1995. Instead of watching a VHS of ‘I Love Lucy,’ I’d spend time with my grandfather and ask him questions.”

Doctor Who continues on Saturday on BBC One or watch now on BBCi Player

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