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Evri Issues Urgent Warning Amid Surge in Smishing Scams

Evri, a leading delivery service, has sounded the alarm over a significant increase in fraudulent text messages, known as “smishing,” targeting its customers. The surge in scam messages purporting to be from parcel companies has prompted Evri to caution consumers about the growing sophistication of fraudsters and the escalating number of reported scams.

Smishing, a form of phishing through SMS, involves criminals impersonating trusted organizations to deceive consumers into divulging personal and financial information. These fraudulent messages often contain links to counterfeit websites designed to mimic legitimate ones, luring unsuspecting individuals into providing sensitive data.

With online shopping becoming increasingly prevalent in Britain, particularly amid the pandemic, many consumers may inadvertently fall victim to these scams, especially if they are anticipating a delivery. Evri revealed a staggering 174 percent increase in reported scams from April 2023 to April 2024 and disclosed the closure of over 5,000 scam sites, marking a 268 percent surge year-on-year.

Detecting a smishing attempt can be challenging, but there are telltale signs to watch out for. Scam messages frequently feature poorly written sentences with grammatical errors and lack personalized greetings, addressing recipients as “Dear Customer” instead of using their names. Additionally, the email address may deviate from the usual format, displaying slight misspellings or different formatting.

While Evri typically communicates from email addresses and refrains from requesting payments or including links other than, fraudsters are adapting their tactics to evade detection. They are increasingly utilizing iMessage and Rich Communication Services (RCS), technologies that pose greater challenges for identifying malicious links compared to traditional text messages.

Richa Bhuttar, Evri’s Chief Information Security Officer, cautioned against the sophistication of these criminals, who exploit the ubiquity of parcel deliveries to target unsuspecting individuals. Bhuttar emphasized the absurdity of redelivery fees, clarifying that Evri does not impose such charges and makes multiple delivery attempts before returning items.

In the event of falling victim to a smishing scam, consumers are advised to contact their bank or card provider immediately and report the incident to Action Fraud.

As the threat landscape evolves, Evri remains vigilant in safeguarding its customers against fraud, underscoring the importance of awareness and proactive measures in combating scams in the digital age.

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