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Former Councillor Sparks Controversy with Shocking Social Media Post

In a startling turn of events, former Netherthong ward councillor James Dalton has ignited a firestorm of controversy with a scathing post directed at Labour and Co-op MP Stella Creasy. The heated exchange unfolded on X, where Mr. Dalton’s provocative remarks left many stunned.

The feud began when Ms. Creasy took to social media to seek information about the individual responsible for damaging her London office overnight. In response, Mr. Dalton launched a blistering attack, accusing her of abandoning the people in 2020 and undermining their rights and the economy. His post read:

Former Councillor Sparks Controversy With Shocking Social Media Post

“You deserted the people in 2020. You decided to remove our rights and sabotage our economy. This has nothing to do with ‘democracy,’ the destruction of which YOU hold responsibility for. You don’t deserve air to breathe.”

Ms. Creasy, clearly taken aback, fired back:

“Erm, are you actually saying I should die because you don’t agree with me? Suffocate from a lack of air because you can’t win an argument? Doesn’t seem terribly robust or ‘anti-woke,’ @ClrDalton, if your views are like that…”

James Dalton: A Campaigner for Liberty and Justice

James Dalton, known for his strong advocacy of liberty, justice, and the reassertion of the Bill of Rights and Common Law, has been a prominent figure in UK politics. As a former councillor, he represented the Netherthong ward of Holme Valley Parish Council. His commitment to direct democracy and his fight against corruption have earned him both admirers and critics.

While some view Mr. Dalton’s outspokenness as refreshing and principled, others find his recent comments deeply troubling. The question remains: Can political discourse remain civil in an era of heightened tensions?

As the fallout from this exchange continues, Stella Creasy’s supporters rally behind her, underlining the need for respectful dialogue even in the face of disagreement. Meanwhile, James Dalton’s followers grapple with the implications of his harsh words.

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