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Heartbreaking Legal Battle: Indi Gregory’s Parents Denied Appeal for Hospital Transfer

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In a heartbreaking legal saga, the parents of eight-month-old Indi Gregory, suffering from mitochondrial disease, faced another setback as two appeal court judges agreed that moving her to a hospital in Rome would not be in her best interests. The High Court judge had previously denied the parents’ request, and on Saturday, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Peter Jackson dismissed their appeal bid.

Despite efforts by Dean Gregory and Claire Staniforth to overturn the decision of Mr. Justice Peel, the appeal judges concluded that there was no arguable case, stating, “An appeal would have no chance of success.” They emphasised that the initial decision was carefully considered and sadly inevitable.

Mr. Justice Peel had ruled that a transfer to Italy would not serve Indi’s best interests, and the two appeal judges supported his decision, asserting that there was “no compelling reason” for an appeal hearing. The parents, in their 30s from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, had sought treatment at the Bambino Gesu Paediatric Hospital in Rome, arguing a “material” change of circumstances and the potential for a “longer life.”

Despite the family’s plea and support from campaign group Christian Concern, which expressed that lawyers are contemplating the next move, the legal battle remains in favour of the NHS trust at Queen’s Medical Centre. Indi’s condition, a genetic disorder draining her energy, has sparked a painful debate over limiting treatment, with medics deeming it futile while parents desperately wish for it to continue.


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