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4 weeks ago

Just Stop Oil Activists Arrested After Disrupting A41 in Hendon

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In a significant operation on Monday, November 13 authorities arrested 115 activists from the Just Stop Oil movement who were engaged in a slow march on the A41 in Hendon. Acting swiftly, officers made the arrests under Section Seven of the Public Order Act (2023) when the group disrupted the road network.

The arrests were conducted along the road, and the activists were subsequently transported to custody. Meanwhile, as the remaining activists proceeded southbound onto the Brent flyover, officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG) closed one end of the carriageway to impede their progress. This allowed other officers to contain the group on the flyover, enabling the diversion of traffic onto the slipway.

All remaining activists were subsequently arrested, and as of now, they remain in custody. Commander Colin Wingrove commented on the operation, stating, “This has been the largest number of Just Stop Oil arrests we have made in a single day during their autumn campaign. Their disruption occurred one day after an emotional and intensive weekend in London.”

Commander Wingrove continued, expressing the desire for officers to be a reassuring presence within communities. However, due to the need to arrest and transport 115 activists to custody, some officers had to be redirected from their community policing duties. He emphasised that protest is a crucial part of democracy and is something they are proud to uphold. However, the Just Stop Oil movement openly encourages people to break the law and cause criminal damage, which is not tolerable.

Highlighting the impact of the slow march on the A41, Commander Wingrove noted that it occurred during rush hour when individuals could have been taking their children to school, attending doctor’s appointments, or commuting to work. This disruption is particularly impactful for those whose jobs rely on punctuality, such as tradespeople attending multiple addresses. Commander Wingrove encouraged everyone affected by the slow marches to report the impact on the dedicated portal.

He also assured the public that officers will continue to respond swiftly to such disruptions to minimise the impact on Londoners who bear the brunt and cost of these actions.


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