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3 weeks ago

Kent Fire and Rescue Tackle Blaze in Swanley: Urgent Call to Close Windows and Doors

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a fire inside a garage in Dymchurch, Romney Marsh

A significant fire erupted in the early hours of Saturday, 18 November 2023, in Highlands Hill, Swanley. Kent Fire and Rescue Service were quick to respond, deploying six fire engines to the scene at approximately 01:04 AM.

Initial Update: As the fire began to spread, engulfing cars and outbuildings, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service issued an urgent advisory to residents in the surrounding areas. The advice was clear and critical: keep windows and doors closed to avoid the infiltration of smoke. This initial guidance was crucial for protecting the health and safety of those living near the site of the fire. The message was also shared widely, with a particular emphasis on informing individuals who might not have access to Internet services.

Progress and Current Situation: By 3:10 AM, there was a significant update to the situation. The earlier advice for residents to keep their windows and doors closed was lifted, indicating that the risk posed by smoke had reduced considerably. However, the operation was far from over.

As of the latest update, four fire engines continue to be actively engaged at the fire scene. The fire crews are employing both hose reel jets and main jets in their efforts to control and eventually extinguish the blaze. The presence of these resources underscores the severity of the fire and the ongoing commitment of the Kent Fire and Rescue Service to resolve the incident.

Community Impact and Response: This incident has had a noticeable impact on the community of Swanley. The swift response by the Kent Fire and Rescue Service highlights their readiness to tackle such emergencies effectively. The cooperation of the residents, following the safety guidance issued, has been pivotal in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

As the situation continues to develop, further updates are expected. The cause of the fire is yet unknown, and investigations will likely follow once the fire has been completely subdued. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of emergency services and the critical role they play in safeguarding communities during such unforeseen events.

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