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3 weeks ago

Major Road Traffic Collision on A2: Extensive Delays and Road Closures in Kent

A259 Closed between Friston Pond and Exceat following a collision

A significant road traffic collision has led to the closure of the A2 in both directions, causing considerable disruption, particularly near the Port of Dover. The incident has prompted a swift response from emergency services, including Kent Police, and has resulted in widespread travel delays.

Details of the Incident: The collision occurred on the A2 between the A258 and A20 junctions. As a result, the road has been closed in both directions to facilitate emergency responses and accident investigations. The severity of the incident has led Kent Police to initiate an extensive investigation at the scene.

Expected Duration of Closure: Initial reports from the scene indicate that the road closure is expected to last for several hours. This prolonged closure is due to the need for thorough investigations and the clearing of the accident site to ensure the safety of all road users.

Traffic Diversion and Delays: Traffic is being diverted to manage the flow and minimize disruption. Eastbound (or Southbound) traffic is advised to follow the solid circle symbol, which will lead them via the A258 south to Castle Hill and then the A256 south to the A20. Conversely, Westbound (or Northbound) traffic should follow the solid square symbol, taking the A20 westbound and A256 north to the Whitfield roundabout.

Motorists are advised to expect significant delays on the approach to this closure, with additional journey times also anticipated on the diversion routes.

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