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3 weeks ago

Man and Dog Affected in Hayling Island Kitchen Fire

hayling island kitchen fire

A kitchen fire in a bungalow on Hayling Island resulted in a man being treated for smoke inhalation and a German Shepherd dog being taken in by neighbours. The fire, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, led to significant damage, with firefighters from three stations responding to the emergency.

Details of the Incident: The fire broke out at a home on West Haye Road, Hayling Island. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a severe kitchen fire that had engulfed the entire room. A 60-year-old man, who was present in the bungalow at the time of the incident, was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation by paramedics.

Rescue and Treatment: The quick response of the emergency services ensured that the man received immediate medical attention. Additionally, a German Shepherd dog, also affected by the incident, was taken in by neighbours, highlighting the community’s support during emergencies.

Extent of the Damage: According to the fire service, the kitchen was completely destroyed by the fire. The extent of the damage underscores the potentially devastating impact of household fires.

Firefighters’ Response: Firefighters from three stations worked diligently to contain and extinguish the fire, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the bungalow and neighbouring properties. Their swift action played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of the fire.

Community Impact: The incident has raised concerns in the Hayling Island community about fire safety in homes. It serves as a reminder of the importance of fire prevention measures and the need for readiness in case of such emergencies.

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