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Natalie Elphicke Accused of Lobbying: Labour Asks Why Only Bring It Up Now?

Former Conservative MP Natalie Elphicke, who recently defected to the Labour Party, has come under scrutiny for allegedly lobbying the justice secretary during her then-husband’s criminal sex offences trial. Sir Robert Buckland, the former lord chancellor and justice secretary, revealed that Elphicke approached him before the hearing of Charlie Elphicke’s case.

Natalie Elphicke Accused Of Lobbying: Labour Asks Why Only Bring It Up Now?

Elphicke reportedly expressed concern that her husband’s trial was the first to be heard at Southwark Crown Court after the Covid lockdown. She also raised objections about Lady Justice Whipple overseeing the proceedings. While some interpreted her comments as an attempt to move the case to a lower-profile court, others saw it as an effort to replace the senior judge.

Sir Robert Buckland firmly rejected Elphicke’s plea, emphasising that any intervention could undermine the constitutional separation of powers between Parliament and the judiciary. He stated, “It would have been completely inappropriate for her to speak to the judge about the trial.”

Charlie Elphicke, Natalie’s former husband and predecessor as MP for Dover, was later convicted of sexually assaulting two women and sentenced to two years in prison. Despite their divorce following his conviction, Natalie Elphicke supported his unsuccessful appeal, describing him as “attractive, and attracted to women” and a victim of “dirty politics and false allegations.”

Further controversy surrounds Elphicke’s alleged attempts to secure better prison conditions for her ex-husband, including requesting more comfortable pillows. However, her spokesperson dismissed these claims, attributing support from Conservative MPs to their longstanding relationships with Charlie Elphicke.

In response to the accusations, Natalie Elphicke denied any inappropriate behaviour during her meeting with Sir Robert Buckland. She also refuted claims that she sought improved jail conditions.

The Labour Party defended Elphicke, asserting that she “totally rejects” the characterisations made by Buckland. They criticised his timing, suggesting that if he had genuine concerns, he should have raised them earlier.

Despite the controversy, Elphicke’s defection to Labour has raised eyebrows among MPs. Concerns persist about admitting her to the party, given her previous comments about her ex-husband’s case and his victims. In a recent statement, she expressed regret for her past remarks and acknowledged the importance of prosecuting Charlie Elphicke.

Meanwhile, Tory sources have alleged that Elphicke’s departure from the Conservatives stemmed from bitterness over being denied a ministerial role in housing policy. Her frustration began when Liz Truss rejected her, and it continued with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s subsequent rejection.

In announcing her switch to Labour, Natalie Elphicke criticised Sunak’s government as “tired and chaotic.” She pledged that Labour would “bring a much better future for our country,” emphasising their commitment to change.

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