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“Patience”: A Groundbreaking Crime Drama Celebrates Neurodiversity

Eagle Eye Drama, the production company behind hit shows like “The Couple Next Door,” “Professor T,” and “Hotel Portofino,” has just completed filming on its latest project: “Patience.” This six-part police crime drama, set in the historic city of York, promises to captivate audiences with its unique premise and diverse cast.

“patience”: A Groundbreaking Crime Drama Celebrates Neurodiversity

Plot Summary:

“Patience” introduces viewers to Patience Evans (played by Ella Maisy Purvis), an autistic woman working in the criminal records department of Yorkshire Police. Her meticulous attention to detail and innate ability to analyze evidence make her indispensable to the force. However, Patience yearns for more—a chance to step beyond the confines of her routine and contribute directly to solving crimes.

Detective Bea Metcalf (Laura Fraser) recognizes Patience’s extraordinary talent and opens a door for her into the world of criminal investigations. As they work together, their contrasting perspectives—Bea’s neurotypical approach and Patience’s unique insights—create a dynamic partnership. The series delves into their evolving relationship, both as colleagues and friends.

Authentic Representation:

“Patience” takes authenticity seriously. All neurodivergent characters, including the titular role, are portrayed by neuro-diverse actors. Ella Maisy Purvis brings depth and intelligence to Patience, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the power of neurodiversity. Laura Fraser, who plays Detective Bea Metcalf, emphasizes the importance of their working relationship and the friendship that blossoms between them.

Behind the Scenes:

Jo McGrath, Chief Creative Officer at Eagle Eye Drama, expressed pride in creating a mainstream crime series centred around a neurodivergent protagonist. The show’s commitment to diversity aligns with Channel 4’s values, making it a perfect fit for the broadcaster.

Ben Wadey, Drama Commissioning Executive at Channel 4, praised “Patience” for its gripping mysteries and fresh perspective on neurodiversity. The series challenges norms, celebrating differences and offering viewers a new take on the crime genre.

Talented Team:

“Patience” boasts an impressive team. Director Maarten Moerkerke (known for “13 Commandments”) brings the story to life, while the writing team—led by Matt Baker—includes Stephen Brady, Sarah Freethy, and Daniella DeVinter, all with personal connections to autism.

The series is an adaptation of the French hit show “Astrid and Raphaelle” and is a co-production of JLA Productions. Worldwide distribution will be handled by Beta Film, with support from the Belgian Tax Shelter.

Coming Soon:

Stay tuned for transmission details as “Patience” prepares to make its debut on Channel 4. Filming locations in York and Belgium add to the show’s authenticity, promising an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.

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