Poll Blow for Sunak as Public Doubts Tories’ Manifesto Pledges

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Poll Blow for Sunak as Public Doubts Tories’ Manifesto Pledges

A recent Ipsos survey has revealed that a significant majority of the British public doubts the affordability of the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledges, delivering a blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as election day approaches.

The poll, conducted shortly after the publication of manifestos by the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats, shows a stark lack of confidence in the fiscal viability of the proposed policies across all major parties. The findings indicate a challenging road ahead for Sunak and his government in convincing voters of their economic plans.

Poll Blow For Sunak As Public Doubts Tories’ Manifesto Pledges

According to the survey, a mere 25% of voters believe the Conservatives can afford their policies, while a striking 62% expressed doubt. This sentiment is not confined to the Tories; Labour also faces scepticism, with 50% of respondents lacking confidence in their ability to fund their proposals. Only 37% said they were confident in Labour’s fiscal plans. The Liberal Democrats fared slightly better than the Conservatives but still faced substantial scepticism, with 57% of respondents doubting their affordability claims.

The survey also explored public expectations of how parties might respond if their policies proved unaffordable. A majority, 67%, believed the Conservatives would fail to deliver on their promises, with 52% expecting the Tories to cut spending. In comparison, over half anticipated that Labour would resort to raising borrowing, increasing taxes, or scaling back on their plans.

Despite these concerns, Labour appears to enjoy a relatively positive perception overall. The survey found that 63% of respondents viewed Labour’s manifesto as representing a positive change for Britain. This compares favourably with 55% for the Liberal Democrats and only 44% for the Conservatives.

As the election looms, these insights highlight the uphill battle for all parties to not only win votes but also earn the public’s trust in their financial stewardship. The challenge now lies in whether any party can convincingly demonstrate the feasibility of their promises amid widespread economic skepticism.

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