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Repeat Offender Shelford Brizey Sentenced to Prison for Domestic Abuse

jailed again

Beckenham: In a disturbing case of domestic violence, 48-year-old Shelford Brizey, a man with a history of criminal activities, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for multiple counts of assault against his girlfriend. The case, which came to light after an incident in a hotel in Camberwell, has highlighted the ongoing issue of domestic abuse in relationships.

Details of the Conviction: On Thursday, November 16, Brizey was found guilty of two counts of strangulation, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, and two counts of assault by beating. This conviction comes years after Brizey was jailed for 10 years in 2004 for an armed robbery of a post office.

Pattern of Abuse: The court heard that Brizey’s relationship with the victim, who he met in a pub, quickly turned abusive, driven by his jealousy and insecurities. The victim, particularly vulnerable due to her mental health problems, became a target for Brizey’s violent behaviour.

Incidents of Violence: Brizey’s pattern of abuse included instances of physical violence, such as punching the victim twice in the face in Euston Station Car Park and strangling her until she passed out in a hotel room. Despite intervals of remorse demonstrated through sending flowers and cards, Brizey repeatedly returned to his abusive behaviour.

Culminating Incident: The abuse escalated to a public incident on April 8, when Brizey, convinced that the victim had given her number to another man, attacked her in a hotel in Camberwell. The attack ended with Brizey chasing her into the hotel lobby, where she found refuge with another couple. Brizey was arrested following this incident and has been in custody since.

Jury’s Rejection of Defense: During the trial, Brizey attempted to claim that the victim’s injuries were either fabricated or self-inflicted. However, the jury rejected this explanation.

Victim’s Impact Statement: The prosecutor, Ms. Langevad, read a statement from the victim describing the severe impact of Brizey’s abuse, including worsened PTSD, significant weight loss, and a deep mistrust of people. The victim’s children have also expressed fear of Brizey, leading to the family being advised to leave their home of 20 years.

Sentencing and Restraining Order: Judge Richard sentenced Brizey to five and a half years in prison and issued a seven-year restraining order. The sentence reflects the severity of Brizey’s crimes and the need to protect the victim and her family.

This case in Beckenham serves as a grim reminder of the realities of domestic violence and the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals from repeat offenders. The court’s decision sends a strong message about the consequences of such abuse.

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