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Report Concludes Police Ignored “Red Flags” about Sarah Everard’s Killer’s Predatory Behavior

A scathing report released on Thursday has revealed that Wayne Couzens, the former police officer who murdered Sarah Everard, was able to carry out his heinous crime due to a series of missed opportunities and systemic failures within the Metropolitan Police and other forces. The damning 343-page analysis, conducted by Lady Elish Angiolini, sheds light on a troubling pattern of oversights and neglect that allowed Couzens to evade detection despite a history of predatory sexual offending.

Among the report’s findings is the revelation that police ignored eight incidents of indecent exposure involving Couzens before he abducted and murdered Sarah Everard in March 2021. These incidents, which occurred over several years, were treated with alarming indifference by law enforcement, failing to raise the necessary red flags that could have prevented Couzens from remaining in the police force.

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Furthermore, the report highlights Couzens’ involvement in additional alleged crimes, including a knifepoint kidnapping in 2015, two rapes in London, and an “alleged sexual assault against a child” prior to his tenure with Kent Police. Despite these troubling allegations, Couzens was able to continue his career in law enforcement without intervention or scrutiny.

Lady Elish Angiolini’s report also underscores systemic failures within the Metropolitan Police, citing flawed vetting processes and a culture of tolerance towards “vile behaviour and deeply abusive language” within the force. Couzens’ interest in violent and extreme pornography further underscored his deviant sexual activity, yet these warning signs were consistently overlooked or dismissed.

In response to the report’s findings, Sarah Everard’s family has expressed support for Lady Elish’s recommendations for extensive reforms within law enforcement. They emphasize the need for urgent action to prevent similar tragedies in the future, lamenting that “warning signs were overlooked throughout [Couzens’] career and opportunities to confront him were missed.”

The report’s release has sparked renewed calls for accountability and reform within the police force, with many urging immediate action to address the systemic failures that allowed Couzens to evade detection and perpetrate his crimes. As the investigation into Sarah Everard’s murder continues to unfold, her family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice, determined to honour her memory and prevent others from experiencing similar tragedies.

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