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Scammers Exploit Facebook Groups with Dodgy Voucher Promotions

Scammers are infiltrating Facebook groups, according to consumer group Which, the offers are enticing unsuspecting users with promises of valuable vouchers. The latest target? Asda shoppers. But beware—the seemingly lucrative offers lead to a shady platform called Rewards Giant, where the cost of participation far outweighs any potential rewards.

The Deceptive Scheme

The Bait

These scammers dangle vouchers allegedly worth £250 in front of eager Facebook users. The catch? To claim the voucher, individuals must engage in specific actions, such as sharing and commenting on posts or clicking email links. Sounds straightforward, right? Not quite.

The Hidden Costs

According to the consumer group, Rewards Giant employs a cunning strategy. Participants must sign up for game downloads and subscription services. This process consumes time, potentially costs money, and involves divulging personal information. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the promised voucher will ever materialise.

Flash Rewards Redux

Rewards Giant’s tactics mirror those of Flash Rewards, a previously exposed cashback and rewards company. Flash Rewards lured users with misleading ads, concealing the fact that vouchers were attainable only through paid subscriptions and downloads. Fake reviews and policy-violating ads further tainted their reputation.

Targeting Popular Retailers

Tesco, Asda, and Iceland

Rewards Giant claims to offer vouchers and gift cards for various retailers and brands, including Asda, Coca Cola, Iceland, Tesco, Toby Carvery, Uber Eats, and Roblox. On a Facebook page peddling free Tesco vouchers, users are instructed to share and comment on a post to receive a £500 voucher.

Scammers Exploit Facebook Groups With Dodgy Voucher Promotions

The Red Flags

Upon closer inspection, the post garnered 519 comments and 610 shares. Participants were promptly notified of their “win” and redirected to Rewards Giant’s website. Tesco, however, disavowed any affiliation with the page and reported it to Facebook.

Trustpilot Ratings Tell the Tale

User Reviews

Rewards Giant’s Trustpilot rating stands at a dismal 2.2 out of 5. Here’s what users had to say:

  1. Charged for a Survey: One reviewer lamented being charged over £15 for a survey and account verification. Despite completing all tasks, they were denied the promised rewards.
  2. Empty Promises: Another user expressed frustration, claiming that Rewards Giant profited from their input without delivering the rewards.
  3. Zero Stars: A third reviewer dismissed Rewards Giant as a mere ploy to sell subscriptions, urging others not to bother.

Protect Yourself

Reporting Scammers

Which recommends that if you encounter suspicious profiles, posts, or comments on Facebook, report them. Click the three dots on a user’s profile page or next to a post/comment and select “find support or report.” Additionally, report dodgy websites to the National Cyber Security Centre.

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