Today: December 9, 2023

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3 weeks ago

Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty to Attacking Vulnerable Women

A man who preyed on vulnerable women, tricking them into his car before subjecting them to horrifying sexual assaults, has admitted to his crimes. Nazim Asmal, the perpetrator, deceived his victims by posing as a taxi driver and luring them into his vehicle, only to drive them to remote locations where he would commit the assaults.

The first incident occurred on October 3, 2021, when Asmal picked up his victim in Preston city centre. He drove for approximately ten minutes, raping her in the car, before ultimately dropping her off back in the city centre. Distressed and seeking help, she flagged down a concerned member of the public.

The second incident took place on March 4th, 2023, when a victim who had been on a night out in Darwen found herself in Asmal’s car. He drove her to a secluded area on the outskirts of Darwen, where he proceeded to rape her. In a chilling turn of events, Asmal managed to obtain the victim’s phone number and called her in early April. Not recognising the number as it appeared as ‘no caller ID,’ she did not answer the call.

However, on April 8, 2023, Asmal called her again, and this time she answered. Recognising his voice as the man who had assaulted her, she was unaware of his true identity. The call ended when Asmal posed a terrifying question to the victim, asking if she wanted to engage in further activities.

On that same evening, Asmal raped his third victim. She willingly entered Asmal’s car in Darwen town centre, unaware of the danger she was in. As they drove towards Bolton, in the opposite direction of her home, Asmal insidiously questioned her about paying for the taxi. Eventually, he stopped in a secluded area and committed the assault, before callously dropping her off at her home address.

Authorities were able to identify Asmal through CCTV footage that captured his black Toyota Yaris. The 34-year-old, now without a fixed address but previously residing on Balaclava Street in Blackburn, appeared before Preston Crown Court on Friday, November 17th, 2023, where he pleaded guilty to four counts of rape.

Asmal has been remanded into custody and is set to be sentenced at the same court on February 13. DI Darren Irving, from the East RASSO Team, expressed his concern for the victims and emphasised the importance of reporting sexual offences. He encouraged anyone who has been a victim or knows a victim to come forward, assuring them that they will be listened to, and believed and that the police will do everything possible to bring the perpetrator to justice.

To report a sexual offence, individuals can visit or call 101. In case of ongoing crimes, it is crucial to dial 999 for immediate assistance.