Shoplifter Walks Free After Terrorising Orpington Retail Park with Series of Thefts

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Shoplifter Walks Free After Terrorising Orpington Retail Park with Series of Thefts

Frankie Schock, a 36-year-old persistent shoplifter, has walked free from court despite a spree of thefts that terrorized staff at Nugent Retail Park in Orpington. Schock, banned from Bromley Town Centre, all Marks & Spencer locations in the country, and Nugent Retail Park since March 2022, repeatedly breached her banning order to steal thousands of pounds worth of merchandise.

Details of the Thefts:

  • Location: Nugent Retail Park, Orpington; Sainsbury’s in Lewisham
  • Timeframe: March to May 2023
  • Stolen Items:
    • Over £3,000 worth of glasses and sunglasses from Boots
    • £100 worth of razors from Boots
    • Over £2,000 worth of clothing from Cotswold Outdoors
    • £380 worth of goods from Next
    • 29 bottles of wine from Sainsbury’s in Lewisham on January 17, 2023

Schock pleaded guilty to eight counts of theft and six breaches of her Criminal Behaviour Order related to Nugent Retail Park. Despite these offences, she was given a one-year community order by the court on Tuesday, June 11, allowing her to leave as a free woman.

Court Proceedings:

  • Defendant: Frankie Schock, 36, of Perry Vale, Forest Hill
  • Charges: Eight counts of theft, six breaches of Criminal Behaviour Order
  • Sentence: One-year community order
  • Conditions: Undergo mental health treatment and participate in rehabilitation activities

In her defence, Schock’s barrister highlighted her ongoing progress in tackling her drug addiction, which was considered during sentencing. The court’s decision to issue a community order instead of a custodial sentence reflects an emphasis on rehabilitation over punishment in Schock’s case.

Previous Incidents:

  • Banning Order: Schock has been banned from Bromley Town Centre, any M&S in the country, and Nugent Retail Park since March 2022 due to her persistent offending.

The court’s decision has sparked a mixed response from the community, with some advocating for harsher penalties to deter repeat offenders, while others support the focus on rehabilitation for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Police Statement: A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police commented on the case, emphasizing the importance of supporting offenders in overcoming underlying issues such as addiction, while also protecting the community from persistent criminal behaviour.

Public Reaction: Residents and business owners in Orpington have expressed concerns over the impact of Schock’s actions on local retail staff and the broader community, calling for increased security measures and more effective enforcement of banning orders.

As Schock embarks on her community order, authorities will closely monitor her compliance with the court’s conditions, aiming to prevent further breaches and support her journey towards rehabilitation.

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