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4 months ago

Sky Original Documentary “Hatton” Offers Deep Dive into the Life of Boxing Legend Ricky Hatton

Sky Documentaries and NOW have announced the premiere of their brand-new and exclusive documentary film, “Hatton,” set to air on Thursday, August 31 at 9pm. The ninety-minute film promises unprecedented access to the life of boxing icon Ricky Hatton, delving into his experiences both inside and outside the boxing ring. The documentary features candid interviews with Ricky Hatton himself, as well as his closest friends, family, and peers.

Produced by the acclaimed Noah Media Group, known for their exceptional sports documentaries, “Hatton” presents an intimate portrait of Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton. The film, boasting unparalleled access to Ricky and previously unseen archive footage, chronicles his journey from the Hattersley estate near Manchester to the bright lights of Las Vegas. It provides viewers with an emotional insight into the life of a remarkable sports figure.

Ricky Hatton’s rise in the boxing world was rapid and remarkable. As he ascended to the pinnacle of his sport, he became a beloved public figure and a fierce competitor in the ring. However, the emotional toll of defeat proved overwhelming, leading to a spiral of depression, addiction, and shame. Behind the courage he displayed in the ring, a hidden darkness emerged.

The documentary also delves into Ricky Hatton’s personal relationships, which began to crumble. A decade-long estrangement from his family and a falling out with his coach pushed him to the brink. At his lowest point, Ricky attempted suicide. With unflinching honesty, the film brings to light this cautionary yet inspiring tale of a man navigating through shattered relationships and shattered dreams, as he grapples with a life that seemed destined for a brighter ending.

Directed by multi-award winner Dan Dewsbury and produced by Noah Media Group, the creators behind “14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible” and “Finding Jack Charlton,” the documentary was produced in association with Sky Studios. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will handle international sales on behalf of Sky Studios, showcasing the international appeal of Ricky Hatton’s story.

With incredible access and a heartfelt narrative, “Hatton” offers audiences a chance to explore the complexities of a working-class hero and a boxing legend, uncovering the highs and lows that defined Ricky Hatton’s remarkable journey.


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