“The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy” Announced for Early 2025

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 “The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy” Announced for Early 2025

Tokyo-based TooKyo Games Inc. has unveiled their latest project: an exciting adventure game titled “The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy.” Developed by Media Vision Inc., the game is set to launch on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam® in early 2025.

A Collaborative Effort

The creative minds behind “The Hundred Line” are none other than Kazutaka Kodaka, known for the popular Danganronpa series, and Kotaro Uchikoshi, the mastermind behind the Extreme Escape series. This marks the first time these two visionaries have joined forces to direct and write the scenario for a single game.

 “the Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy” Announced For Early 2025

Unraveling the Story

The game’s storyline revolves around Takumi Sumino, an ordinary resident of Tokyo Residential Complex. His peaceful life takes a dramatic turn when an unknown assailant appears out of nowhere. But there’s more to this mysterious encounter: Takumi awakens a unique ability called “Hemoanima,” granted by an enigmatic entity known as “SIREI.”

However, Takumi’s newfound power comes with a price. “SIREI” forces him to transfer to the Last Defense Academy, a school with a critical mission.

The Last Defense Mission

At the Last Defense Academy, fifteen students are brought together, each with a shared objective: to defend the school for 100 days against a formidable enemy—the “School Invaders.” These enigmatic foes threaten not only the academy but all of humanity.

Takumi and his friends must harness the power of “Hemoanima” to confront this looming threat. As the days pass, players will explore the academy’s various facilities, uncover secrets, and unlock new features.

Familiar Faces and New Adventures

Fans of Danganronpa and Extreme Escape will find excitement in “The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy.” While the game offers a fresh story, character design elements will evoke memories of beloved characters from Kodaka and Uchikoshi’s previous works.

Wishlist Now!

Gamers can already wish-list “The Hundred Line – Last Defense Academy” on the Steam store, eagerly anticipating its early 2025 release. Get ready for an adventure that blends mystery, strategy, and supernatural abilities—a journey that promises to captivate players from start to finish.


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