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Home Breaking Three Metropolitan Police officers have been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards for their bravery in acting as human shields to save an injured teenage girl at an illegal rave

Three Metropolitan Police officers have been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards for their bravery in acting as human shields to save an injured teenage girl at an illegal rave

PC Ben Shaylor, PC Ali Khan, and PC James Whittaker (not pictured) were on night duty in February 2020 when they were called to an illegal rave in an industrial unit off the North Circular Road.
“We had a rough idea of numbers,” PC Shaylor said, “but when we showed up, it was a whole different ballgame.” There were 1,000 to 1,500 people inside the warehouse and another 1,000 on the street attempting to enter through this single gate. We stood at the gate and stopped people from entering, but they charged us and we had to fight them off. We weren’t wearing any protective gear at this point, just our regular uniforms. ” Our supervisors were then informed that a young girl had fallen inside. I went inside with PC Khan and PC Whittaker, just the three of us, to try to help this girl in front of 1,500 people. She was two stories up, on a dripping wet metal fire escape, where she had slipped while attempting to flee. Some in the crowd mistook us for being there for them and were hostile to us. When we arrived, the girl, who was only 15, had a severely dislocated knee. She was in excruciating pain. So we begin treating her, attempting to splint her leg and carry her down, when the crowd begins throwing missiles at us. They were hurling metal gas canisters, bricks, and masonry at us, attempting to cause us serious harm. The girl was in great distress; she was panicking and in pain. And the only thing we could do, given that we weren’t wearing helmets, was to position our bodies so that the missiles hit us on our backs, not our heads, so she didn’t get hit. We were able to splint her, lift her up, and carry her off the fire escape and through the crowd. We got her in the ambulance, put some equipment on her, and ran back in.”
The officers were then able to extract a teenage boy who was unconscious due to a suspected drug overdose. They inserted an airway into his mouth and administered life-saving first aid. Both he and the injured girl recovered completely.
PC Shaylor, PC Khan, and PC Whittaker were sore and bruised as a result of the incident, but they escaped with minor injuries.
PC Shaylor expressed his gratitude to be nominated for the national award. “We don’t go out looking for recognition,” he explained. “I think people are doing far braver things.” However, receiving recognition is brilliant. It’s quite humbling. We were doing what we always did, and luckily it worked out well for the two kids.”
I am extremely proud of these three officers, who put their own safety to the back of their minds to save the lives of these young people, giving emergency first aid and acting as human shields,” Metropolitan Police Federation Chairman Ken Marsh said.
This was a difficult situation with a volatile crowd, and the outcome could have been much worse.”
Congratulations to Ben, Ali, and James – they are deserving nominees.” The National Police Bravery Awards recognise officers from across England and Wales who have displayed exceptional bravery while on or off duty.
PC Shaylor, PC Khan, and PC Whittaker will attend a reception and awards ceremony in London in July as nominees.

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