Turkish Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Manchester Airport Amid 'Hydraulic Issues'

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Turkish Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Manchester Airport Amid ‘Hydraulic Issues’

A Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Manchester Airport made a dramatic emergency landing yesterday, with eyewitnesses reporting sightings of smoke and the smell of burning as the plane touched down.

Flight TK 1995’s four-hour journey took a tense turn as the aircraft was forced to abort its initial landing due to reported hydraulic issues. Following this, the plane executed a “go-around,” a standard flight procedure aimed at ensuring a safe landing.

During this manoeuvre, the plane remained airborne, veering as far east as Derbyshire before it was deemed safe to attempt landing again. On its second approach, the aircraft appeared to land without incident. However, as it taxied toward the terminal, surrounded by emergency vehicles, witnesses claimed to have observed a puff of smoke and detected a burning odour.

Avid plane spotter Stephen Uden described the scene, stating, “The plane turned off the runway and then there was a puff of smoke. The plane then just stopped. There were fire engines front and back. They were trying to work out if it had hot brakes or hot wheels.”

Fellow enthusiast Liam Smith noted the smell of burning upon the plane’s touchdown.

Once safely on the ground, the aircraft’s engine was turned off, and it was decided that the plane would be towed to the terminal. Passengers were finally able to disembark nearly an hour after the precarious landing, at 5:21 pm local time.

A spokesman for Manchester Airport confirmed that the emergency landing was prompted by “minor hydraulic issues.” They emphasized that despite the nature of the landing, there was no threat to the safety of passengers or crew.

The incident highlights the importance of swift and decisive action in responding to in-flight emergencies, ensuring the well-being of all those involved.

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