Two 12-Year-Old Boys Found Guilty in Brutal Machete Attack on 19-Year-Old Victim

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Two 12-Year-Old Boys Found Guilty in Brutal Machete Attack on 19-Year-Old Victim

In a shocking incident, two 12-year-old boys have been found guilty of killing 19-year-old Shawn Seesahai in a brutal machete attack. The incident occurred on November 13 last year in Wolverhampton.

The Attack

Mr Seesahai, originally from Anguilla in the Caribbean, was staying in Birmingham while recovering from cataract surgery. He and a friend were walking in a park when they encountered a group of children. Despite offering no violence or provocation, Mr. Seesahai became the victim of an unprovoked and savage attack.

Prosecutors revealed that one of the boys deliberately “shoulder brushed” Mr Seesahai before pulling out a machete. His friend managed to escape, but Mr Seesahai was punched, kicked, and repeatedly knifed by the two boys. The machete struck him so hard in the skull that a piece of bone detached. He also suffered slash wounds to his leg and a fatal injury to his back, which pierced his ribs and heart.

Joint Attack

“These two boys engaged in a joint attack upon a man who had done nothing wrong, a man with no weapon, who was utterly defenceless on the ground,” said Michelle Heeley KC, the prosecutor.

Both boys blamed each other for the attack. One admitted to possessing the weapon used. During the trial, the first defendant testified that Mr. Seesahai had confronted them in the park. After a scuffle, the boys chased him, and the other 12-year-old began striking his legs with the knife. The first defendant claimed he didn’t realise Mr. Seesahai had been stabbed in the back until after the attack.

Machete Discovery

Police later found the machete hidden under one of the boy’s beds. He had purchased the weapon for £40 a few months before the killing. He cleaned the blood-stained knife with bleach, inspired by a music video, before concealing it.

The second 12-year-old provided a different account, claiming his friend had stabbed Mr. Seesahai and that he was nowhere near the attack. He denied having the machete in his hands during the incident.

The boys, identities remain protected due to their age.

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