Two Hospitalised After Yacht Collision with Barges in River Thames Near Erith

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Two Hospitalised After Yacht Collision with Barges in River Thames Near Erith

Two individuals have been hospitalized following a yacht collision with barges in the River Thames near Erith.

The incident occurred on June 12 at 8:53 am when an emergency call from the London Coastguard prompted the Gravesend RNLI to respond to a boat crash in the Erith area. The yacht was struck between barges near Anchor Bay Wharf.

Upon arrival, the RNLI team discovered the damaged sailing yacht wedged against the barges, with debris from the vessel’s mast scattered across the deck. Two individuals on board were trapped and exhibited signs of head and leg injuries.

The Gravesend RNLI crew successfully transferred the injured individuals onto their Atlantic 85 lifeboat, providing immediate care. Meanwhile, the Harbour Vessel’s crew worked to secure the damaged yacht.

Upon reaching the shore, the London Ambulance Service was on standby to offer further medical assistance. The injured individuals were subsequently transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Following the rescue operation, the Gravesend RNLI lifeboat, Olive Laura Deare II, returned to Gravesend Reach, was refuelled, and restored to a service-ready condition by 10:42 am, prepared for any future emergencies.

Statements from RNLI Commanders

RNLI Thames Commander Stewart Challis emphasized the importance of gathering information en route to the incident. While making our way to the incident, it’s important that we can obtain as much information about the incident before we arrive so we can create a mental model and have a plan to deal with the casualties as quickly and safely as possible. The support from the London Coastguard was brilliant as they provided us with additional information including additional assets like the London Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police Marine Unit, and of course the PLA.

RNLI Thames Commander Liam Sidders recounted the scene upon arrival. “We quickly identified the vessel wedged up against the barges off Anchor Bay Wharf. There was clear damage to the sailing yacht with parts of the mast scattered across the deck. At this point, we could see two casualties who at the time appeared trapped with signs of head and leg injuries. We then managed to get the two casualties safely on board our Atlantic 85 lifeboat while the Harbour Vessel’s crew made the casualty vessel safe. We continued to provide casualty care on board the lifeboat while we made our way to Erith Causeway for evacuation and passed over care.”

RNLI volunteer Mike Rountree added, “We were met by the London Ambulance Service who further aided the two casualties before taking them to the hospital.”

Stewart Challis concluded, “I would like to thank everyone who added to the search and rescue today as all casualties were quickly located and dealt with in good timing.”

Anyone with additional information about the incident is urged to contact the relevant authorities.

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