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US Official Reports Havana Syndrome Symptoms After NATO Summit

A spokesperson for the Pentagon has confirmed that a senior official from the United States experienced symptoms consistent with the so-called Havana Syndrome after attending last year’s NATO summit in Vilnius. The mysterious ailment has raised concerns, with some pointing to alleged Russian involvement.

Sabrina Singh, speaking to reporters on Monday, stated, “I can confirm that a senior DOD [Department of Defence] official exhibited symptoms similar to those reported in anomalous health incidents.”

Havana Syndrome, first documented in 2016, emerged when US embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, began reporting unexplained symptoms such as ringing ears, migraines, vertigo, and cognitive dysfunction. Since then, diplomats in other locations, including China and Austria, have also reported similar ailments.

Experts have grappled with identifying the cause of these symptoms. Some speculate that foreign adversaries may have directed energy waves at diplomats, leading to their health issues. However, in 2023, the US intelligence community deemed it “very unlikely” that a “foreign adversary is responsible” for the cases.

Despite this conclusion, a recent joint investigation by the US news show 60 Minutes, the German newspaper Der Spiegel and investigative outlet The Insider has reignited questions about Russia’s potential involvement. The report highlights evidence suggesting that members of a Russian military unit known as 29155 were present during incidents consistent with Havana Syndrome.

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